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Health Services

Physicians & Nurse Practioners

The family doctors at Lakelands provide the majority of your primary medical care. The Lakelands Team complements these services with nurse practitioners and other health care providers. Our Nurse Practitioners work in collaboration with Physicians and Registered Nurses to care for patients in many different ways.

Nurse Practitioners who specialize in Primary Care provide comprehensive care to patients of all ages. They are experienced nurses with additional nursing education which enables them to provide such services as health promotion, disease and injury prevention and support. Nurse Practitioners can order a limited range of therapeutic interventions, diagnostic tests such as ultrasounds, lab tests or x-rays, make diagnoses on tests they have ordered, and prescribe medications from an approved list.

Program Coordinator

The rn/program coordinator, in consultation with the team, is developing programs ( healthy living, COPD/Asthma) which will be offered to rostered patients.

Foot Care Specialist

The foot care specialist assesses and treats foot conditions.

Registered Social Worker

Our registered social worker provides mental health counselling and psychotherapy for individuals, couples, families and the community.


Both sites offer collection of urine and blood for testing, pulmonary function tests and electrocardiographs.

Ontario Telemedicine Network

The Lakelands FHT is working to launch our virtual care program (OTN). If you have a Smart Phone with data, or a home computer with streaming capabilities, you may be eligible for this free, private and new service. You must complete a consent form and speak with your doctor to determine if your appointments are appropriate for this service. You will still receive an appointment time and will need to book through our receptionist. More information is available on the OTN website.


Minor surgeries including suturing, mole removal, skin tag removal, cyst removal, etc., take place mainly at the Northbrook site.

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